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Bright colors, unique pieces, and stunning details.
All you need for the summer season.

inspiration About Us

We are a 100% Tunisian swimwear brand. All our products are made with love using patterns,
textures, and quality fabrics that boost your confidence, comfort, and style.
We’re committed to staying true to our mission to make women look and feel their best in stylish,
vibrant, and affordable swimwear.


Our products are 100% Tunisian. We want our customers to have a unique experience by offering limited editions and unique pieces.

Sustainability (Love the planet)
Sustainability (Love the planet)

We move toward a sustainable future. We deeply care about our planet that's why during the production process, we focus on the reasonable allocation of resources.

Good quality and price
Good quality and price

We believe our customers should have access to high-quality swimwear at reasonable prices. Being fashionable and trendy doesn't have to be expensive with NG Design


Suit up girls for your vacay and get ready to fall in love with every piece from NG Design.
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